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From developer to developer



Owasys Advanced Wireless Devices S.L. (from now on «Owasys») Head Office is based in Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 202, E-48170 Zamudio, Bizkaia (Spain) with VAT number B-95218095, is the owner of and any other web pages hosted in that domain and sub-domains; as well as any cross-references coming from Total or partial use of the material hosted in any of the webs hosted in the domains owned by Owasys is not allowed under any circumstance but when source is mentioned or authorisation has been granted by Owasys. Owasys, on its own or as an authorised dealer, is entitled to the intellectual and industrial property rights contained herein, as well as any other material (to name but a few; images, sound, audio, video,software, logos or trademarks, computer software for proper work, and so on.), entitled by due licensors. Visitor is committed to observing the mentioned rights. Total or partial use for commercial purposes of any documents, photos, videos, logos or any other graphic material is not allowed without prior written consent to be asked and bestowed by Owasys. You may not modify any material that is property of Owasys. Notice that Owasys will require an example of your intended use before giving any permission. Additionally any authorised material will have to be used including copyright: © Owasys Advanced Wireless Devices S.L. In the case of non-commercial and personal use: documents can be used whenever proper care and mention to author’s rights and sources that are not to be modified or partially reproduced, are met. Anyway, photographs, videos, logos, graphic material and software components cannot be used or copied in any way without prior written authorisation by Owasys. Owasys will not be liable for any damages or injury whatsoever caused or derived by not proper reading of this notice, or because of any infringement of any specific condition and/or obligation stated there. Further information on Open Software Licenses and acknowledgements can be found here.

Terms and Conditions

Update and modification of the web page

Owasys reserves any right to modify or delete, whithour prior notice, any information on the Web site as well as any possible configuration and/or presentation, without taking any responsability.

Notes on technical issues

Owasys declines any responsibility derived from any technical problem or failure of performance in any computer system and/or equipment during connection to the Internet, as well as any damages that could be caused by third party persons or entities by illegitimate invasions out of Owasys control. Additionaly we are not liable to any responsability for any damage or injury to be suffered by any user as a consequence of error, omission or defects in the information that can be provided by Owasys from third party sources. You will be the only responsible for any damage or injury that you could cause to the Owasys web pages. This will be governed by the Spanish laws and any claims arising from this will be resolved in the competent Spanish Courts.


Please note that all information present in the Owasys web sites and pages is of purely informative nature. To obtain authorized and up-to-date information about availability of variants, options, etcetera for the different products and services, please contact Owasys sales team. Owasys will not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for damages of any kind derived from failing to read this notice, or for failing to comply with the specific obligations on the conditions established by this notice.

Trademark Notice

Owned by Owasys Advanced Wireless Devices S.L., Owasys® is a registered trademark in the European Union and the United Kingdom, and is trademarked in the rest of the world. Other marks and words belong to their respective companies. All other product or service names mentioned in this document are trademarks of their respective companies.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In support of global responsible sourcing, Owasys is committed to ethical practices and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. While we do not source these metals directly, they may exist in the products we source. We are therefore committed to ensuring that conflict minerals used in the manufacture of our products do not directly or indirectly fund violence or human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries. You can check our full Policy here.

Discontinued Products Policy Guideline

Because the high technology market is fast paced and driven by change, there are times when owasys needs to revise its product strategy. In most cases, this means adding new products and technologies. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to discontinue products. When a product is discontinued, we will send you a letter or email outlining the discontinuation and the transition options that are available.

Options for Replacing Discontinued Products

Owasys is committed to providing the best possible transition for discontinued products. If a product is discontinued, this is what happens:
  • If an equivalent Owasys product exists, we will generally provide you with that product.
  • If there is no equivalent Owasys product, at the lowest possible cost you may be provided with an upgrade that has greater functionality than the discontinued product.

Support for Discontinued Products

When a product is discontinued, you have the option of receiving technical support and parts for a limited period after which time, support is no longer available. Support for discontinued products includes assistance from our Customer Support department on a reasonable efforts basis.

For further information on how to contact Owasys, please visit our contact page