From developer to developer

From developer to developer


Owasys launches the owaDM

Owasys now offers you the opportunity to use our Device Management Tool, which will streamline your processes and eliminate the need for manual configuration. This tool enables you to access your Owasys units from anywhere and at any time.

The owaDM software solution simplifies and enhances the use of our hardware platforms, making them more productive and reducing the time to market (TTM) and development effort.

The owaDM is a product that has been developed to meet our customers’ needs for remote monitoring, management, and updating of all deployed devices, with the highest levels of robustness and security.

  • Be always up to date: Deploy Scheduled Delta Updates of Firmware, APIs and your own Software

  • Avoid unneccesary trips: Check the status of all your owaUnits from your Desk

  • Speed up network expansion: Quickly add new devices, configure settings, and get them up and running easily.

  • Stay ahead with proactive monitoring and alerts: Get real-time notifications for immediate action.

  • Enhance Network Security: Utilize advanced features to safeguard your network

  • Already giving service to +50K devices in 120 Countries

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Information about owaDM

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