From developer to developer

From developer to developer


Owasys delivering the first prototypes with eSIM

One of the mayor European Industrial companies testing now the owa3X Linux Embedded Platform with embedded SIM, also known as eSIM or SIM on chip.

Owasys is currently running the first project after the successful integration of the Embedded SIMs (technically Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, eUICC).

“We, at Owasys, keep with a continuous enhancement of our platforms.”

After the integration of the main wireless technologies (BT, BLE, etc) we believe the embedded SIM is of a great value for our customers working in harsh environment areas. By using SIM on chip we expect our partners will enjoy improved performance when talking about vibrations, humidity, corrosion and extended temperature range (-40ºC to 105ºC) . Other advantages as No theft or fraud are also of great interest, as it is impossible to take the eSIM out and use it in other devices.

Now lets see how the market evolves in terms of operators air contracts and portability to see if the offer keeps interesting in terms of business model for our partners.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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