From developer to developer

From developer to developer


Maximum Performance – Minimum Emissions

We want to push forward the energy revolution. We are striving for a future in which machines and vehicles run on clean renewable energy. Electric machines and vehicles provide full performance while they reduce the emissions to a minimum.

INSIGHT Remote System

The INSIGHT remote system from SUNCAR gives you a quick overview of your vehicle fleet or machine park. Through vehicle data analysis, over the air updates and predictive maintenance, the remote system helps manufacturers and operators of conventionally or electrically powered commercial vehicles and machines to save costs. The system is used successfully on airports, construction sites and roads all over the world.

“With high performance requirements in the areas of CAN bus, GPS and mobile network + the need of an IP67 hardware; water- and dust-proof to operate under the harshest conditions – SUNCAR‘s remote system is very well complemented with the owa4X platform from our partner OWASYS and is successfully in use worldwide from the America to Europe and Asia.”

Stefan Schneider Managing Director at SUNCAR HK AG.

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