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InterControl – Owasys Remote Access Solutions for Mobile Machines

Standard office interfaces and harmonized hardware components ease the implementation of remote access solutions for mobile machines

Sending service personnel to a machine tackling technical problems is time consuming, expensive and might be nearly impossible in times with severe travel restrictions. To avoid travel expenses and long machine downtimes it is often necessary to get access to the machines control system. This must not require an extensive infrastructure.

Inter Control mobile controller series digsy fusion E supports being equipped with an Ethernet interface featuring UDP and TCP/IP in combination with the preconfigured owa4X Linux Embedded Platform from Owasys/M2M Germany allows an easy access to machines control system.

A secure communication backbone can be established with manageable engineering effort. Parameters change and software update via VPN and Ethernet.

For remote diagnosis a virtual link from the OEMs service desk to the machine is required. This is typically based on a VPN connection to the router installed on the machine and an Ethernet connection from the router to the machines control system. Through this the service technician is able to monitor the machines condition online, access log files and perform online debugging. If required, he can change parameters and update the software as well. Again, no specialist has to be on site for these procedures. As this solution operates bidirectional it is also able to frequently provide status information, to automatically inform about certain events or to send alarms if defined limits are exceeded.

“To being able to propose our customers a solution which allows a fast and seamlessly integration in their vehicles and machine control system we have joined forces with M2M Germany and Owasys. Due to their outstanding expertise in IoT and wireless communication we are now able to commonly provide an integrated and test easy to use remote access solution.”
Alexander Holler
General Manager Electronics Division, Inter Control

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