Owasys now offers you the opportunity to use our Device Management Tool, which will streamline your processes and eliminate the need for manual configuration. This tool enables you to access your Owasys units from anywhere and at any time.

The owaDM software solution simplifies and enhances the use of our hardware platforms, making them more productive and reducing the time to market (TTM) and development effort.

The owaDM is a product that has been developed to meet our customers' needs for remote monitoring, management, and updating of all deployed devices, with the highest levels of robustness and security..

Gain full control of your owa units

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Basic Pro Dedicated SLA
Example:300 units → 99€+(150*0.9€)+(50*0.8€) = 274€ / month
  owa Units up to 50 100 101-250 251-500 TBD
Number of units that have been provisioned within the owaDM and have already made the first connection to the platform.
  Users 2 2 5 10 TBD
User accounts can:
  • View device status, overview...
  Admins 1 1 2 2 TBD
Administrator accounts can:
  • View device status, overview...
  • Start Firmware upgrades
  • Send commands
  • Remote shell
  • Add OTA packages (using app-builder)
  • Create new users
  • Managing devices and groups hierarchy
  • Remove packages
  Device dashboard overview
List of devices with a summary of their status.
  Device status
Display indivdual status for every device:
  • Device details of the system: CPU, RAM, disk space...
  • Connectivity: reception signal and data stats (requires pollux-net)
  • Board data: DC voltage, battery level estimation, status and temperature
  Device status TTL 1 month 3 months TBD
Time To Live of the Device status metrics. Once the TTL is expired, the metrics are dropped.
  Remote diagnostics
        Remote CLI
        Remote commands
The owaDM enables predefined commands:
  • Reboot
  • Find my owa: LEDs lights will start blinking for 25 seconds
Additional commands can be added in future owaDM versions.
The owaDM provides a remote shell, limited to non-blocking shell commands. Example of available commands: ps, ls, cat, echo, tail, head, mv, rm...
The remote shell does not require any VPN or SSH tunnel and its communication is secured by MQTTS protocol.
  Basic OTA update
The Basic OTA update includes:
  • Full update (of the whole filesystem)
  • Individual OTA update (not in batches)
  • No scheduled updates available
  Premium OTA update
The Premium OTA update includes:
  • Full and Delta updates.
  • Individual and Group update
  • Scheduled updates
  Update history TTL 6 months 5 years TBD
Time To Live of every OTA update history log
  Firmware packages 2 10 TBD
Number of Firmware packages per customer.
One package is a firmware version that is possible to deploy.
Packages can be:
  • Full (Basic and Pro)
  • Delta (Pro)
The packages can be removed at any time by an administrator.
Every owa is secured by individual unique certificate. The communication is encrypted with a 2-way TLS (mTLS or mutual TLS) via MQTT protocol (MQTTS)
  Mail support
Standard Owasys support
  Report generation & export
It is possible to generate reports of the metrics and export to excel sheets.
Basic Pro Dedicated SLA