Cloud Compatible Platforms

Owasys collaborates with several companies offering Cloud Platforms.

By combining the processing and communication capabilities of our owa Platforms with the applications provided by our partners, System Integrators and End Users will be able to reduce the Time to Market when developing their complete IoT Solution.

Software AG

Sotware AG integrates data, applications, processes, devices, and clouds so that information and insights can flow more freely, turning your data into value.


Connhex is a suite of products that allows the creation of your own IoT platform: Data Collection - Processing - Analyse.


Balena develops a secure container-based technology stack that enables you to develop, deploy, manage, and scale fleets of IoT Linux devices.


Eclipse Hono™ provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a back end and interacting with them in a uniform way regardless of the device communication protocol.

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